Sin Eyewear

SIN Eyewear  is a quality crafted eyewear brand based in the tropical Queensland on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Wherever you are on the coast, if you head East you will meet the sand with your toes and your eyes will fall ln some of the best surf breaks in Australia (and quite possibly worldwide, per capita – but we could be a little biased)

The team at  SIN Eyewear have created our collections with the idea that people enjoy quality sunglasses, styles that suit their personality, yet are affordable enough to not break the bank every year or so. This depends completely on whether you lose a pair a week, or just like to update your favourite pair as they come into fashion.

SIN Eyewear has a great balance of styles to suit everybody and every face shape. We have recently added the new Zephyr II colorways (updated from the original Zephyr) and in the very near future we have two new epic colourways in the Vespa, so check back in Early July

SIN Eyewear has a range of collections including handmade acetate, plastic, metal and TR 90 frame materials (you know, the really flexible stuff).

The best thing about SIN Eyewear is that we don’t compromise quality for cost, we give you both… Your welcome!

To help us live the SIN philosophy we have a family of talented SIN team riders that we live vicariously through in the disciplines of surfing, motocross, skating, water-sports, and photography, just to name a few….

The SIN team lives and breathe the outdoor lifestyle, encompassing the core values that are truly authentic to the SIN Eyewear brand, and for that, we aim to support our grassroots groms all the way through to our sponsored SIN team riders