Allah-Las - Worship The Sun [LP] Vinyl New

Allah-Las - Worship The Sun [LP] Vinyl New


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 Picking up where they left off, the garage-psych revivalists of The Allah-Las simply improve their sound and hone their songcraft over their self-titled debut album. Adding in a touch of surf rock, 2014's "Worship the Sun" is an original bit of new vintage rock sure to please fans of the genre, while winning over some converts. Bringing back producer Nick Waterhouse, the band pops out some good rockers such as "Artifact" and "501-415." They chill with the title track. And they work some balladry magic on "Nothing to Hide." The fact these twelve songs are pressed into a vinyl LP only seems to make this album all the more authentic.


  1. De Vida Voz
  2. Had It All
  3. Artifact
  4. Ferus Gallery
  5. Recurring
  6. Nothing to Hide
  7. Buffalo Nickel
  8. Follow You Down
  9. 501-415
  10. Yemeni Jade
  11. Worship the Sun
  12. Better Than Mine