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Misfits is a compilation album of early songs from the American punk rock band the Misfits. The compilation is officially titled Misfits, but is commonly referred to as Collection I and was made up as the first half of a pair with the later release of the compilation album Collection II. It includes several versions of songs that are exclusive to this compilation.

“She” is the version which first appeared on Legacy of Brutality. “Hollywood Babylon” and “Bullet”, from the Bullet EP, vary only slightly from the Static Age LP. The most noticeable difference is the “1,2,3,4” intro to “Bullet.”

“Horror Business” and “Teenagers From Mars” are from the Horror Business EP. This “Teenagers From Mars” is unique in that it retains the engineer's in­troduction from the original 7" that would be edited out of the version on the Box Set. The one on the Box Set also fades out at the end.

“Where Eagles Dare” is from the Horror Business sessions and is a mix that was prepared for a proposed “Who Killed Marilyn?” 12" that never came out. A similar mix, but without the “backwards feedback” intro and using heavy reverb, was included on Legacy of Brutality.

“Night of the Living Dead”, “Vampira”, “Skulls”, and “Astro Zombies” are alternate mixes of the tracks recorded during the 3 Hits From Hell/12 Hits From Hell sessions.

“London Dungeon” and “Ghouls Night Out” are from the 3 Hits From Hell EP. “I Turned Into A Martian” is a different mix of the Walk Among Us track. The remaining tracks are from the Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood and Die, Die My Darling releases.

The compilation was well received, with Allmusic saying that for the “benighted,” the album is the best place to start. “Everything that made the Misfits great is here… The band is loud and defiant, as is Glenn Danzig, whose considerable vocal chops are well displayed here.”

Track Listing:

  1. She
  2. Hollywood Babylon
  3. Bullet
  4. Horror business
  5. Teenagers from Mars
  6. Night of the living dead
  7. Where eagles dare
  8. Vampira
  9. I turned into a martian
  10. Skulls
  11. London dungeon
  12. Ghouls night out
  13. Astro zombies
  14. Mommy can I go out and kill tonight?
  15. Die, die my darling
  16. Earth a.d.
  17. Devilock
  18. Death come ripping
  19. Green hell
  20. Wolfsblood