Collection: Smith

Contemporary spirit and cutting-edge technical content for one of the world leaders in the production of ski goggles and helmets along with sunglasses and prescription frames. 
Smith products are aimed at a young, trendy generation, an integral part of a freestyle world of seriously cool sports, like snowboarding, freestyle skiing, surfing and mountain biking, while at the same time retaining a strong sense of individuality.
Just like Safilo's historic premises, Smith's headquarters are located in a mountain community, in Sun Valley in Idaho, to be precise. Work is carried out according to local tradition with regard for a healthy lifestyle, oriented towards physical activity, in full and complete harmony with the environment and values of the community.

The two product lines can basically be summed up in two words, performance and look: the sport-oriented line associated with high technical performance; and its fashion-oriented counterpart, which takes the values of sport and channels them into a style with an unmistakable personality.