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UNEARTHED - One young kids surf journey Book

UNEARTHED - One young kids surf journey Book

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One young kids surf journey

In 1971 Stephen Cooney left school when he was 14 years old to pursue his love of surfing fulltime, eventually joining Albe Falzon for the filming of the seminal surf film Morning of The Earth. Stephen had just turned 15 when they travelled to Bali and became the first known person to surf Uluwatu in Bali. The film went on to win a Gold Record for its soundtrack and is included in the NFSA list of the top 100 Australian films ever made.

Stephen's account of his childhood and youthful adventures is in turn both funny and poignant as he reveals some of his family's tragedies and struggles. It takes courage to review your life and challenge the family folklore and stories you had long thought to be true. In doing so, Stephen was rewarded by reconnecting with his eldest brother who he had believed dead for over 50 years. In the mid-1960s, John, or Rita as she was to become known, had identified as transgender and was one of the first in Australia to undergo full gender reassignment. Rita went on to win a Mo Award in London with well-known personality Carlotta, and worked at Les Girls in Kings Cross as well as having her own dance troupe.

All three acts of Stephen Cooney's early life will entertain and enlighten you with tales of Australian surf culture in the 1960s and 70s. Unearthed serves as a valuable companion piece to other works celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Morning of the Earth.

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