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Revival Yamba

Foundation Deck 8.25 OINK!

Foundation Deck 8.25 OINK!

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Concave    Medium
Dimensions    Width - 8.25
Length - 32.00
Wheelbase - 14.25
Nose - 7.25
Tail - 6.75
Color    Ships Assorted Color Top and Bottom Plys

Founded in 1989, Foundation is proudly owned by the Tum Yeto distribution company and operates as the sister company to the renowned brand Toy Machine. Foundation achieved international recognition when they created the world's largest skateboard, an accomplishment documented in the Guinness World Records on October 4th, 2004. This colossal skateboard, measuring ten feet in length, four feet in width, and three feet in height, made a captivating appearance on the television show Ripley's Believe It or Not shortly after its creation. While you won't find ten-foot skateboards in their product lineup, Foundation offers an extensive range of skateboards and apparel to satisfy skate enthusiasts of all levels.

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